Scholarly Concentration Expectations

Welcome to the Scholarly Concentration Program! We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities offered by GW SMHS. See the checklist below for a comprehensive list of all 2023 deliverables and due dates. Applications for the Class of 2027 are now open and will be due by 11:59 PM on October 27, 2023. 


First Year (MS1)

  • Attend all Scholarly Concentration Lectures (Fall and Spring; beginning on the date you are admitted to the SC Program)
  • You can miss up to one lecture your first year. Any additional absences will have to be made up; please contact your SC director for alternatives.
  • Complete a proposal for your Summer Experience/internship (Spring)
  • Complete an 8-week internship (Summer)
  • Complete a mentor evaluation and reflection paper at the end of your internship

Second Year (MS2)

  • Attend all Scholarly Concentration Lectures (Fall only)
  • You can miss up to one lecture your second year. If you are behind on lectures, you can attend additional makeup lectures in the Spring.
  • Participate in Research Day (Clinical & Translational Research; Spring)

Third Year (MS3)

  • Complete a proposal for your Scholarly Project (Spring)

Fourth Year (MS4)

  • Complete a Scholarly Project
  • Complete an Elective Outline
  • Complete an Elective in your SC area

If you go on a Leave of Absence (LOA): Please notify our office (OSPE) as well as your Scholarly Concentration Director. When you come back, it is your responsibility to complete a Return from LOA Form found here.

2023 SC Deliverables and Due dates found here.