Global Health Summer Internship/Project

All Project Descriptions must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Personal interest in this project/experience
  2. The content, structure, learning objectives, and expected time frame of the project/experience
  3. The objective or intent of the project (how this project will impact the healthcare community)
  4. 12 font and double spaced

All Reflection Papers upon your return must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 4-6 page paper (recommended length)
  • The following elements should be included:
    • Description of the experience
    • Brief scholarly review of the literature relevant to your project or experience
    • Description of your objectives and how they were or were not achieved
    • Challenges met during the experience
    • Benefits gained from the experience
    • Comparison between US and country visited or between multiple countries visited (if applicable)
    • Results and implications (if applicable)
    • Recommendations for future study or further expansion on the experience
  • 12 font and double-spaced
  • JAMA or APA format if applicable

Please visit the International Medicine Programs Office website to review the affiliated sites that commonly accept first-year medical students for summer internships.