Lazarus Family Scholarship Program

The Lazarus Family Scholarship Program was established by Gerald Lazarus, MD, class of '63 and Audrey Jakubowski Lazarus, PhD, to support medical students while they pursue extraordinary educational opportunities in healthcare. This program is designed to provide pivotal experiences for future leaders in healthcare.

This program will enable a student per year from every class (MS II -MS IV) to pursue a project or program, as defined below. Students will apply in the spring of their second year of medical school, and the chosen candidate will receive funding during their remaining years of medical school.

The goal is to select a distinguished individual who has an interest in health services research and scholarship who over the course of the remaining years of medical school will learn special skills to enable her /him to achieve distinction in: health care planning, health care delivery, advocacy for the underserved, population medicine, evidence- based medicine, international health, maternal and child health, or design of health care management. The unique setting of GW in the nation's capital provides a wonderful opportunity for such a program. Where appropriate, the students program can involve the George Washington University Schools of Public Health, Business, International Relations or Law. Depending on the program, the awarding of a second degree such as MPH, MBA or master's in international health or relationships is encouraged. The funds are not to be used to support scientific bench research or development of case series or limited clinical trials of specific agents.

Eligible candidates must be officially enrolled in the Scholarly Concentration Program, offered through the Office of Student Professional Enrichment, and/ or working closely with an appropriate faculty preceptor within the School of Medicine and Health Sciences or the School of Public Health. Each candidate for the Lazarus Scholar distinction, in collaboration with their mentor /faculty preceptor, will develop a proposal which adheres to the program guidelines. In addition, students must include how they would spend their award in accordance with specific objectives of the program. This could include payment of tuition for an MPH or MBA; support for a year-off during medical school; conference attendance; research projects; or specialized travel. Individualized curricula will include input form Gerald and Audrey Lazarus as the program design is enhanced for each student.

Each year, a second year student will be chosen competitively to become a Lazarus Scholar in Healthcare Delivery. These honorees will hold this distinction during their remaining years of Medical School. The approximate award will be $8,000 /year (exact amount is dependent on the endowment payout and the contribution of SMHS).

Application Requirements & Selection Criteria

Eligible Candidates

MS II's. Only applicants in good academic standing will be considered for the Lazarus Family Scholarship Program. Students with failing or conditional grades are not eligible.

Application Process

1st Round: Submission of Applications
2nd Round: Oral Presentations
Students submitting the top applications will be invited to present their proposals to the scholarship committee.

The Application

  • Provide a detailed description of the project to include objectives and intent of the experience as well as its content, structure, learning objectives and time line.
  • Provide a statement explaining your personal interest in the stated project, relevant past experience, and how the proposed project will contribute to your future goals.
  • Include how your background prepares you to be successful in completing your stated project, and specify how the data collected through the project will be analyzed.
  • Include the relevance of your project to broader social impact.
  • Provide a budget indicating how you intend to use the funding throughout your program.
  • Explain how you will balance your school work and the demands of your program.
  • Please provide a letter of support from your project mentor - to include his/her intent to provide guidance and support to you throughout the duration of your program.
  • Please provide one letter of recommendation (in addition to the letter of support from you mentor) from someone (internal or external) who can comment on your potential with regards to your submitted program.

Selection Criteria

  • Academic Excellence
  • Quality and organization of the proposed program (i.e. potential to achieve goals and objectives). Educational value of proposed program.
  • Relevance of program to students' long-term goals.
  • Quality of the infrastructure and support by the mentor /host organization.
  • Potential for Success - will take into account factors such as interpersonal skills, professionalism and leadership.

Reporting Requirements

  • Lazarus Family Scholars are required to meet annually with Steven Davis, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, and provide an update on their progress.
  • Scholars will submit a report each semester to the Office of Student Professional Enrichment to include an updated budget outlining accomplishments and achievements to date, and any obstacles hindering success.
  • All Scholars will be required to present their findings at GW Research Day or other appropriate venues to their fellow students and faculty, and potentially to other parties as well.

Application Deadline: February 23, 2024